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The Story

The profile of a classic that never ceases to amaze


The first harvest of Monte Velho was in 1990, so the market launch occured in 1992. At the time, we wanted to create a wine with the same origin and philosophy of Esporão Reserva.

The idea has always been to make wine drinking a unique and new experience, year after year, while offering everyone a little piece of the Alentejo, appreciating the essential things of life, such as the generosity of the land from whence the wine comes and its roots. The aim is to do it well, responsibly and with a respect for nature and people, demonstrating pride in the land – blessed and welcoming for what it offers us, with much affection for discovery -, a respect for history and culture, particularly as constant inspiration for the future. This is why some joked that “Monte Velho is the Alentejo in a glass”.

More than 25 years past, Monte Velho wines are a classic of this region and ambassadors of Portugal a bit around the world.

This growth was sustained by successive investments, increasing the vineyard area and winery acpacity, learning and mproving year after year, always obeing to what matters the most: to keep the quality level to which our buyers are used to.

Discover The Story of Monte Velho, by João Roquette

Origin: Alentejo

Monte Velho is from Alentejo, body and soul.

Produced, since its creation, following the region wine making tradition. Taking advantage of the various indigenous grape varieties and of the region vinification techniques, this wine aims to reveal the typical character of this region: rich aromas, soft palate and excellent gastronomic aptitude.

Monte Velho, the Alentejo

The campaign seeks to emphasise the close and natural ties to the region where the wine is produced, as well as to its values, culture and identity by using a contemporary and timeless graphic approach.

Because the Alentejo is also like that: the unending changes in life and the positive energy of the people of the region, without ever forgetting our roots.

Mirrored in this graphic encapsulation of the Alentejo, the rugs of Reguengos, the Alentejo plain and the region’s traditional houses will be featured in this new campaign, which is based on simplicity, as well as strong, distinctive and memorable graphic design.

As a way of showing pride in the land, the labels are also adorned with characteristic features of Alentejo tradition, which are respected and reinvented for every generation. This year, inspiration comes from the patterns of the rugs of Reguengos de Monsaraz, thus highlighting a traditional art that is an integral part of the region’s cultural identity.

A wine of Portugal and of the world

Monte Velho is one of the most assiduous attendance at the tables of the Portuguese and not only. Is present in more than 50 countries, being the most important markets: Portugal, Angola, United States of America, Brazil and France.

Integrated Production

Monte Velho is produced according to integrated production practices in Herdade do Esporão, among which we have to abolish the application of pesticides and herbicides in the vineyard and a more rational management of resources. For Esporão, to produce in a rational and responsible way is decisive in the quality and fertility of soils, natural protective capacity of the vineyard and, consequently, the quality of products.

Enology team

Coupled with the work of nature, Monte Velho counts with the experience and know-how of the Esporão enology team, headed by portuguese australian David Baverstock, a reference in Portuguese oenology. His work starts with a holistic point of view, focused on sustainability, with special attention to scientific and empirical research.

The team is complete with the winemakers Sandra Alves and Ana Alves.

Recommended Ageing

Monte Velho is a wine for daily consumption, but the tasting of older vintages attests to the excellent ageing capacity. In a tasting with speciallized critics in 2013, which compared different vintages, the opinion was unanimous: Monte Velho knows how to grow old.

Versatility and gastronomic aptitude

Monte Velho is the ideal wine to accompany more traditional meals, like goat, lamb, or a stew. Is the perfect companion for meals with friends and family, barbecues on weekends, but it also knows how to dress for a romantic dinner for two. Great by the end of the day or early night, pairing a board of cheeses and pâtés, or even alone.

National and international Awards

Monte Velho has been considered many times by national and international critics as best value or best buy. Here are the latest comments.

White | 2015 | Mundus Vini | Gold
| 2017 | Concours Mondial de Bruxelles | Silver

Red | 2014 | Decanter | Recommended

Origin of the name

Its name – Monte Velho – comes from a plot located next to ‘Albufeira da Caridade’ (Charity dam), at Esporão’s Estate, in Reguengos de Monsaraz, in the heart of the Alentejo.